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D.G. Trade Sp. z o.o.
ul. Główna 5, 44-240 Żory,
tel./ fax +48 32 47 47 607,
+48 697 777 909
+48 606 798 166

e-mail: office@dgtrade.eu Click to view location map

Semi products for food industry

Our Company was established in the beginning of 2009 in Żory, Upper Silesia. We are a commercial company which specializes in import of semi-finished products for vegetable and fruits processing, as well as ready groceries.

The Board and Crew of our company have a many years experience in the line of grocery.

The main directions of our import are: Eastern and Southern Asia, Western, Southern and South-Eastern Europe.

We can offer you products as follows:

  • Garlic in salty brine, barrels 50 kg, size 350-450, other sizes for special orders (for processing)
  • Onion in vinegar brine, barrels 180 kg, size 10-14, 14-16, 18-21, other sizes for special orders (for processing)
  • Gherkins in barrels (for processing) – for special orders
  • Corn cobs mini in tins (for processing) – for special orders
  • Pepperoni pepper in jars – for special orders
  • Grilled vegetables in jars – for special orders
  • Fruits and vegetables in tins – for special orders
  • Dehydrated vegetables and fruits – for special orders
  • Sundried tomatoes (loose or in jars) – for special orders
  • Many others

Except regular items which are in our assortment list we are able to import also products according to the special requirements of our Customers. Products which we offer pass through all essential inspections and they possess documents certifying their admission to sales and processing.

Nevertheless the short time we are on the market, we already are in a position of great trust of many Customers. We have trust of small companies, as well as big well-known manufacturers.

Success of our company depends on our Customers’ satisfaction. That is why we have employed trained people with experience in the line of grocery. Our Employees maintain permanent contacts only with proven and reliable suppliers and supervise course of all essential inspections. That is why our products are with the highest quality. Crew of the import department have the permanent contacts with our Customers. Thanks to experienced Employees we execute every order operationally. We have many Suppliers whom we are in permanent contact to.

Additionally our company deals with export of imported goods, as well as Polish products. The main directions of our export are: USA, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe. Our products are approved by FDA, what allows us to export our products to USA. We have also the GOST-R certificates, so we can export to Russia, too.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact our import / export department . Our Employees will give you all required information with great pleasure.

We ask you to cooperation.

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